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The last portion of a domain name, or the words that come immediately after the “dot” symbol are referred to as Top-level domain (TLD). For example, if is the URL address, then .net is its TLD. In the earlier days, IP addresses were used to visit a particular site. But remembering every IP address was a tedious task. Hence, to ease this difficult process, TLDs were created.

With the rapid development in technology, almost every occupation and industry are adopting the new methods of functionality. IT experts have started to experiment with artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and cloud migrations.

Technology is getting updated every now and then. In today’s world, AI, Blockchain and RPA are the most demanding in the industry.

What does a business startup founder and a job seeker in the technical industry have in common? Whether it is personal branding or having a strong company profile. Job seekers can also stand out among thousands of other applicants and target their desired positions using personal branding.

Technical domains such as .CODES, .TECH, .IO, and many more TLDs give an idea to the user before even opening the website. Given below are a few suggestions and how to use them to your advantage:


All sectors of technology, including AI, e-commerce, cybersecurity and gaming are encompassed by the Top-Level Domain .TECH. All businesses related to technology are applicable for using this domain extension. Many large brands have shifted from ordinary domain extensions to .TECH since it indicates professionalism. One such example would be; users who visit the website will know your field of expertise immediately.


Sites containing coding tutorials and information related to different coding languages can have their domain extension as .CODES. This way you can brand yourself as a coding professional. You can use this domain to display your portfolio of coding projects and certifications.


ccTLD .IO is nominally assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory which is operated by Afilias.
But over the past few years, emerging and established tech startup website domains have started using this domain extension. Combining this with a suitable and memorable domain name would be a good option.


A suitable domain for developers out there to showcase their programs, projects, documentation, blogs and tools. This TLD helps to connect with people in the developer community. Being a tech professional, .DEV can be proved as one of the most amazing platforms to create interesting and innovative things.


Engineers play a fundamental role in all sectors of technology. All the products we use in our daily life have been built with an engineering mechanism. If a user wants to portray his engineering work such as projects or blogs, .ENGINEER would be an excellent choice for the same. This TLD can be used by freelancers and even students looking for a job or internship to showcase their projects. Companies can use this domain to redirect to their career page, and provide a space for engineers for discussions of ideas and knowledge.

Having a domain name is the initial step in creating an online presence for effective professional behaviour, afterall branding is something that decides where you stand in the market.