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Last year, we had attended the domain name conference NamesCon 2019, which was held at Tropicana, Las Vegas. It unlatched the door of many great opportunities for us. We felt like we had discovered an unplumbed ecosystem of the domain industry. So, how could have Team ConnectReseller missed flying to Austin, Texas, for the glorious #NAMESCON 2020? 

What was NamesCon all about?


Aye! NamesCon Global was all about domains and people associated with the domain name industry. We got to meet domain governors, registries, registrars, service providers, resellers, brokers, domain lawyers, investors, startups, and many more exciting people!  

One more thing that had charismatized the domainers around the world was the live auction of domains at NamesCon. NamesCon aptly called it the cornerstone of the event. We will discuss it further soon. 

Another mystique surrounding the NamesCon was the exhaustive suite of sessions, panels, and workshops. We met many brilliant minds of the industry and got to seek insights into the present and future markets. 

Read the NamesCon 2020 agenda here: //

Why was NamesCon so special?

Many domain-related events are held throughout the year. But, nothing attracts the fierce rush like the NamesCon. Why is it so? 

Vast Structured & Unstructured Networking

Richard Lau, the founder of NamesCon, had once said in 2016, during an interview, “There are many different lessons at hand, or in practice at NamesCon. I’d say the most important to an entrepreneur attending NamesCon is the opportunity to build your personal brand as well as your company brand.” 

NamesCon is the only event where you get to meet people from all the strata of the industry. Right from registries, registrars and resellers to domain investors and domain lawyers, NamesCon has something for everyone in the leeway.

NamesCon appears big when you get to see many domain maestri there. But, it also appears small when you realize that you can easily walk up to people and exchange your business ideas.

Networking opportunities with this diverse crowd of online entrepreneurs and domain investors at NamesCon are thus boundless. 

Explore the ways to get into domaining.

If you find domain names interesting, I mean really-really interesting, [like, if you are a domain-geek like us] NamesCon is the place to be.  

The domain industry is often compared to the real estate business, while domains are compared with the land properties. 

You buy the land, and you build your empire.

You buy a domain, and you build your website. 

If you have a land that someone wishes to poses, you have the upper hand. More prime the location is, higher will be its rates. Similarly, the more premium the domain is, the higher will be its price. Therefore the live domain auction at NamesCon forms the perfect place for the pro domain investors around the world.

If you also want to become a part of this domain investment business, this is the place for you. At NamesCon, you get to explore the ways how people have led the industry to the worth of billions of dollars. 

You also get to observe the art of capitalizing profitable domain names closely. After meeting domain professionals and companies around the world, you understand the ins and outs of the domain industry. 

So, if you are wondering how and where to get started, this is the answer! 

There is one more point why NamesCon, Texas was so special!

It’s the pretty city of Austin. Natural beauty, outdoor adventures, almost endless sunshine, and the scrumptious barbeques with fun-filled Texans added the cherry to our stay in Austin!

Our Indian Masala Chai warmed the environment!

Team ConnectReseller set up a desk at NamesCon. Our team pillars Yatin Shah (Sr. Strategic Manager) and Deven Jaggi (Asst. Manager, Sales) welcomed the visitors by offering a cup of warm chai (Indian Tea).  In the chilled air of Austin, the warm and cozy Masala Chai soothed the souls.   

We are filled with gratitude.

Traveling half-way across the world to the USA for NamesCon was absolutely worth it. We feel grateful to everyone who took time out to come and visit us. We are also thankful to the NamesCon organizers for the extraordinary arrangements and support throughout the event. The last fun day was a bonus!

We can’t wait to visit the NamesCon again next year already!

Until then… 

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